Our people are at the center of our business. Not only our customers and our own employees, we also feel responsible for our impact on and relations with the local communities where we live and work.

365betapp手机版下载是 committed to creating a safe and healthy work environment where individuals can progress to reach their full potential.

Occupational health & 安全

We care for our workforce and want every employee to return home safely and in good health at the end of their working day. We seek to provide a workplace environment that does not affect the health or otherwise compromise the well being of our employees.

365betapp手机版下载努力 to reach our “Vision Zero” – zero injuries, zero process incidents and zero environmental incidents.

Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (per 1 Mio. 工作时间)

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365betapp手机版下载是 an equal opportunity employer. We act with social and environmental responsibility and according to the highest professional and ethical standards.

为了 to broaden the diversity of our Swiss workforce, we joined the Advance Women network of approximately 60 companies in 2017, a group that aims to actively increase the share of women in leading positions in Swiss firms.

In 2020, we established a 多样性 and Inclusion Taskforce to continue to underline the critical importance of a welcoming and inclusive work environment, in which diversity is embedded across our global network. We believe that diverse environments make a meaningful personal and professional difference to employees. They also drive business value by creating dynamic environments in which all employees are both comfortable and eng年龄d. The 多样性 and Inclusion Taskforce is governed by a Steering Committee comprised of senior company man年龄ment. It is designed to reflect diversity through gender, 年龄, 资历, 种族, personal background and professional experience. The Taskforce has a 领导 team that is responsible for engaging with local ambassadors at a site level to analyze diversity and inclusion issues across the company. Over the coming year, it will develop a roadmap to mitigate unconscious bias, foster inclusive leadership and ensure that all Lonza talents can thrive and add value to the business.

Compliance instruments

的Lonza Code of Conduct expresses our core principles and values regarding professional business behavior. It also provides a guideline for recognizing, understanding and complying with the laws and ethical standards that govern our business activities. The Code of Conduct is available to all employees; and everyone has to pass iComply tests, dealing with topics addressed by the Code of Conduct, such as antibribery, competition law, insider trading and conflicts of interest. In addition,we operate the "Lonza Ethics Hotline“ to capture potential unethical conduct. We periodically review and update our policies to address changes of laws and regulations and strengthen compliance.